Message from President Kazuko Taguchi

In the founding precepts of the Asahi Gakuen Educational Foundation, of which Saga Women’s Junior College is a part, is a description of an ideal woman. This states: a person who spreads warmth wherever she goes, who is moved by the beauty in the things around her, who is filled with a desire to learn from everything and everyone around her, who is slow to anger and complaint, and whose heart is filled with gratitude for life. To live according to this precept is something to which we should all strive, not just women.

Modern society faces many difficult issues: a declining birthrate and ageing population, and a growing concentration of the population in the larger urban areas. Our values become increasingly diverse, artificial intelligence increases the speed of change, and it is difficult to predict how our lives will have changed in five and ten years from now. We need to navigate this indeterminate future, and I believe that the ideal we strive to instill in our students provides many important insights for this journey. Especially of relevance is to possess “a heart…filled with a desire to learn from everything and everyone around her”. In these words we can see the importance of a forward-looking, resilient and flexible attitude.

Not one of us is a perfect human being. We all rely on the strength of others. In our turn, we all hope to provide strength for others. We all want to live a happy life. However, in reality we all meet people whose opinions we cannot agree with, see our plans come to less than we had hoped, and become irrational and unfair in our interactions with others. Despite our sincere wishes for the best, we face the difficulty of a reality in which our plans often may not reach full fruition. The future that awaits us on the other side of these many difficulties can be changed by our ability to live actively and collaboratively, to retain our hope, and to learn.

The Asahi Gakuen Educational Foundation is the only foundation in Saga prefecture with such a long history and tradition of providing educational opportunities to girls and women . Since its first beginnings in 1897 as a sewing school, it has grown over its 120 year history, changing greatly over this period and founding the junior college more than 50 years ago. This history is also a record of the support we have given to women who held the dream of taking a full and active part in society. The leading roles in our story are our students, and our greatest assets are our 20,000 graduates.

Saga Women's Junior College will continue its challenge as an institution of people who will meet the needs of our community.

Kazuko Taguchi
President, Saga Women’s Junior College