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Message from the President Dr. Yoshifumi Nanri

Asahi Gakuen (Asahi Educational Institution) is the only institution in Saga prefecture which is well-known for its tradition of female education and its 118-year history. Saga Women's Junior College itself has a history of 49 years. 

Our college has 3 departments, the Department of Health and Social Welfare, the Department of Child Education, and the Department of Career Design. We have produced a large group of human resources who contribute to communities both inside and outside of Saga prefecture. 

We have developed the students according to their individual characters and abilities based on the educational precepts of our institution,

"Harmony, Courtesy, Love & Respect, and Philanthropy". We especially value 'bonds', 'restoration of human relationships', 'humanity' and 'kindness to others' which are necessary in modern Japanese society as the basis of our national spirit. 

Our educational principle is to value each student's growing process, admitting that each one is different, while cooperating and encouraging one another, although many people, including younger generation, believe that they should follow others and they should not state their own opinions even when they think they have to do. Our faculty and staff at Saga Women's Junior College aim to develop human resources with the skills to succeed in their daily lives, and to learn through life in society to give recognition to, cooperate with, and compete with other others in the support of our local community. We are ready to develop the heart and the skills to bring about lives and culture that do not compromise with society's tide.

Yoshifumi Nanri
President,Saga Women's Junior College




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